“It’s about time we write genre stories where people of color are at the forefront. We have a place in fantasy and sci-fi, too.”

“Because stories that chill are the stories that thrill.”

At least, that’s Morgan T. Jackson‘s mantra. The South Carolina native loves WebToon comics, red velvet cake, and staying up way past her bedtime to binge-watch Netflix shows. A graduate from the College of Charleston, she teaches sixth grade in South Carolina, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Middle Grades Education. Her concentrations? Social Studies and English.  As Morgan often tells her students, there’s three reasons why people write, and that is to inform, persuade, and, her favorite, entertain

The very first crazy story Morgan read from the first page to the last was a Junie B. Jones book in second grade. Junie B. knew exactly how to make Morgan laugh, cry, and smile along with Judy Moody, Alexa Monroe, and Diana Bishop. 

Morgan is represented by Kaitlyn Johnson of Belcastro Agency.

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